1/4 of the way done?

Hey everyone!! Can you believe we are almost 1/4 of the way done?  This year is zooming by!! Here is a little update of what is going on this week in Spanish

  • We are currently reviewing verbs from last year.  
  • All students will need to bring a tri-fold board when we return from fall break
  • We will have a make up day on Tuesday morning. If students need to make up or re-do anything they will need to be at school by 7:15
  • Wednesday we will quiz over verb endings chart 


  • We are currently working on describing people
  • Last day to make up anything this week is Wednesday
  • I will be available after school this week on Wednesday. 
  • On Monday we will have an assessment on describing people and using the verb set


  • We are currently talking about famous people and entertainment. 
  • On Monday we have an assessment on sharing what you do for entertainment and describing famous people
  • Last day to make up anything this week is Wednesday
  • I will be available after school this week on Wednesday. 

Ap and Spanish 3

  • We are currently talking about the 2 pasts tenses. 
  • We have an in class make up day on Monday
  • Story from the past writing assignment due on Monday. 
  • Storybook due on Monday 

Have a great week!!!

Spanish 3 and AP this is for you!!

Cuando Kal-El (fue, era) joven él (vivió, vivía) en el planeta Krypton. Pero un día sus padres se (despidieron, despedían) de él y lo (pusieron, ponían) en una nave espacial para salvarlo de la explosión de Krypton. Después de un viaje largo, él (llegó, llegaba) a un pueblo en Kansas donde Johnathan y Martha Kent lo (encontraron, encontraban). Ellos le (dieron, daban) el nombre nuevo de Clark Kent. Clark (quiso, quería) mucho a sus padres adoptivos y siempre (hizo, hacía) muchos quehaceres para ayudarlos en casa. Clark (tuvo, tenía) un perro que se (llamó, llamaba) Krypto y se (divirtieron, divertían) juntos cada día. Un día Clark (supo , sabía) la verdad sobre su doble identidad cuando sus padres le (dijeron, decían) que (fue , era) Superhombre! Clark (pasó, pasaba) 10 años con su familia adoptiva en Kansas y entonces (empezó, empezaba) a trabajar como reportero para el Daily Planet. Los dos amigos nuevos de Clark Kent, Lois Lane y Jimmy Olsen, (estuvieron, estaban) preocupados con frecuencia porque generalmente ellos no (vieron, veían) a Clark Kent en la escena de un crimen o accidente importante. Un día por ejemplo, mientras Clark (escribió, escribía) un artículo para el Daily Planet, él también (escuchó, escuchaba) la radio. De repente él (oyó, oía) algo terrible. ¡Una crisis en el aeropuerto! ¡Su enemigo, Lex Luther, (fue, iba) a usar un avión con una bomba llena de ántrax y cólera para matar a millones de personas! Al oír esto, Clark Kent inmediatamente (salió, salía) de su oficina, (entró, entraba) en una cabina telefónica, y se (puso , ponía) una capa roja. Entonces Superhombre se (fue, iba) rápidamente por el cielo y (destruyó, destruía) la bomba con su visión X— ¡pero Lex Luther se (escapó, escapaba) otra vez.

Because life isn’t always about Spanish. 

  As you all know, we had a very rough time last week At FHS.  My mind wasn’t in the right place and my heart hurt. I know many of my students were feeling the same way.  With that being said, last week wasn’t as productive as I had planned for it to be, but that is ok.  Sometimes things going on around are just more important.  I postponed several things last week, so this week I just wanted to share what is coming up this week
FMS Spanish

  • quiz on Tuesday over lunch/ dinner foods
  • Teach in an elementRy class’s at SSS (if you haven’t already, ask your student about this. It is going great!!)

Spanish 1

  • Quiz on Friday over all questions learned so far

Spanish 2

  • Projects due on Wednesday
  • Quiz over breakfast foods on Thursday for 7th period
  • Quiz over lunch/dinner foods on Friday for 7th period. 

Spanish 3/ AP

  • Quiz over imperfect on Thursday. 

Thank you everyone for your patience!! It is a tough time now, but we will get through it

We have made it to midterm!!

Hello everyone!!! As the title says, we have made it to midterm.  Midterms for SSS will be coming out on Monday and for FHS on Friday.   If your child is in happy with their grade, something can be done about it.  Just email me and or come talk to me and we will set up some time for remediation.  

If your child is interested in going to the Dominican Republic, remember the deadline to enroll is mandatory, August 31st. 
This week at SSS we are continuing to work with food vocabulary. Students just finished making a 5 day menu and we will be working with the food vocabulary all week.  

In Spanish 1 we are concentrating on learning some in class survival vocabulary. It is necessary that students actually study their vocabulary at home.  I suggest that all of my students make flash cards to help them study. 

In Spanish 2 we are doing an intensive unit on food to learn more in depth than we did in Spanish 1.  These students also have a big project due on Friday.  We have spent 4 days working on it in class. All additional work will need to be completed outside of class.  I will be after school on Wednesday if anyone needs help with their project.  Keep in mind use of online translators is cheating and will be given a score of Ero and require students to have to go an alternate assignment for credit. 

In Spanish 3 and AP we are chugging right along with the grammar.  We will be continuing with irregular pewter ire on Monday and moving into the imperfect tense.  We also started working on a book project. All students are writing and illustrating a children’s book that we will deliver to the orphanage in the Dominican Republic.  

Dominican Republic registration deadline is Monday  

SSS Spanish-quiz over breakfast food on Wednesday

Spanish 1– Monday -quiz over numbers 11-20

Wednesday- quiz over vocabulary list 1

Spanish 2– Tuesday quiz over breakfast foods

Thursday- quiz over lunch/dinner foods

Friday-projects due

Spanish 3, AP– Thursday quiz over imperfect tense.  

Moving right along!!

  Hey everyone!! I am so excited about this coming week because I finally feel that we have gotten into a routine in our Spanish classes.  Several exciting things are happening now.  So hopefully u don’t forget anything 🙂

SSS Spanish has been working hard planning lessons. Today for the first time they will go into elementary school classrooms to teach their mini lessons. After talking to several elementary teachers, the students are very excited!!!  Be sure to ask your student how it went!!  We are on an 8 week rotation schedule so while they may not feel entirely comfortable today, I am sure that as time goes on they will find their footing.  
In Spanish 1 we spent the majority of this week learning the alphabet, while some students have struggled, several others have caught on quickly.   Shout out to Jeremiah, Ben, Kenny, Madeline, Destiny, and Breejon for winning spelling bees this week.  At the end of the week we have started learning how to tell time. We will continue to work on this through next week. 
In Spanish 2 we are talking about food. We spent a couple of days this week researching healthy meal guidelines and talking about our own diets and what we could do to improve them.  In the end each student planned out a healthy meal for themselves (in Spanish) in accordance to the USDA guidelines.   On thirsday we started a project on traditional food in Spanish speaking countries.  Each student will be researching a traditional food in a Spanish speaking country and presenting on it. This is definitely going to be a learning experience for the student, as it also requires that the can navigate the Internet in Spanish
In Spanish 3 and Ap we are having what I am calling grammarpalooza.  I am front loading the majority of the grammar for the year so that we can move on to more practical uses of the language.  This week we quizzed on the present tense and I am so excited to announce that all student received a 4 on their quiz!!! They all did a great job!!! We have now started talking about the past tense.  
Thursday evening we had our parent meeting for all students who were invited, and wanted more information about the Dominican Republic trip.  We are all very excited about this trip and severAl people have already registered. If you would like more info please let me know!!

FMS students will begin talking about clothing and will have a clothing quiz on Thursday 

Spanish 1 students will be quizzing over time on Wednesday. 

Spanish 2 students will star quizzing over food vocabulary on Tuesday!!

Spanish 3/ AP students will quiz over the preterte tense on Tuesday

Deadline to register for the Dominican Republic trip is August 31st. 
I will be updating grades in InfiniteCampus  every weekend. If you (or your child) are not happy with the current grade, please contact me.  I am more than happy to offer help and work with each student on retesting. 
Have a great weekend and feel free to contact me with any questions!!!

Dominican Republic or bust!!

Spanish class is in full swing and I can honestly say it is just too exciting not to share.

This past summer History teacher Shane Hecker and I took a group of students to do service work int eh Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador.  It was an AMAZING experience for everyone involved.  With this trip we realized that the FISD community has so much to give.   So we are going to continue the giving and service next year and we will be taking a group of students to the Dominican Republic to volunteer in an orphanage.  This week invites were distributed to students who are being invited to go on the trip.  Determining the students who were invited was a long process based on teacher recommendation and student behavior.  If your child is interested in attending but they were not invited, have them speak to me about further consideration.

This week the FMS Spanish students have been busy planning lessons.  Starting next Friday, they will be going into some elementary classes at SSS to teach the students some basic Spanish concepts.  Over the next 7 weeks, the elementary students will be learning, colors, numbers, months of the year, days of the week and how to say their name all in Spanish.  They will also get to learn a really fun dance to a popular Spanish song. It is going to be great fun and a great learning experience for all students involved.

This year in Spanish class I am really trying to avoid distractions.  I wanted the students to be fully focused on the learning process.  For this reason I am not allowing phone usage for non educational purposes in the classroom. We will be using them for some instances at FMS.  At FHS all students will need to come to class prepared with their netbook daily in order to be successful in class.  Phones are not a substitute for netbooks as many things needed for class will not be available on their phones.

Here are a few things to look forward to for next week

Monday – Spanish 1 has a quiz over questions 1-8

Tuesday- FMS students must have their lessons complete

Spanish 2 students will quiz over -ar, -er, and -ir verb conjugations

Have a great weekend!!! If you have any questions feel free to email me 🙂


Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year!!!

Hello Everyone,  For those of you who do not know me, my name is Tabatha Camacho and I am the Spanish teacher at Frankfort High and Frankfort Middle.   I am so excited about get back to school and working with my students!! This will be my 7th year as a Spanish teacher and it seems that each year I get more and more excited for back to school. It never fails that every year I get the most AWESOME students imaginable.

The question I often get is where did I learn Spanish.  I was not lucky enough to have a foreign language class when I was in high school. My first class was taken as a freshmen at the University of Kentucky.  To be 100% honest I struggled.  Later on I spent almost 3 years living in Mexico and that is when the language really came alive for me.  I am thankful for the time I struggled through the classes at UK because I can honestly say that I know what my students are going through.  I will not say that learning a language is easy, but with a little hard work, dedication and an open mind, I am confident that ALL of my students can be successful language learners.

This year we will be working toward a communicative classroom.  That means that the main focus of our classroom will be that the students will be able to communicate in Spanish.  This means that I will be using Spanish frequently in the classroom and as the students learn, I will expect them to also.  We will also be doing several projects throughout the year that will aid in the learning process.

It is going to be a GREAT year and I look forward to sharing all of the exciting details with you each week on this blog!!!

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